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Post by Magyk on Sun Jul 19, 2015 1:08 pm

Every day you are logged in, you should try to do the following at least once a day while in this guild. This is to maintain a good rank in the crusades, as well as to hone your skills.
- Gridiron
- Fraywind Canyon
- Champions' Skyring


These rules are much stricter than the rules of AFK and MUST be complied with if you wish to remain in our PvP Guild. Remember that being a part of the TERA guild instantly identifies you as a representative of the guild, and therefore, you MUST know all the rules and behave in a mature manner.

1. Every character in the guild must log in at least once a week to prevent being kicked for inactivity. To be offline longer, you may set a personal note saying why you are gone. Ask an Admin or Officer if you don't know how to set one.
2. You may not have more than 1000 infamy at any time. Please be considerate to our healers and get rid of your infamy before a GvG.
3. You will not have any alternate characters in any other guild (exception for AFK). If you need a place for your alts, AFK is still a prominent guild that will accept your alts, as long as they follow the AFK rules.
4. You MUST be on Teamspeak during GvGs if you are online. Do NOT use a voice changer.
5.English is the ONLY language of the guild. DO NOT speak or type any other language in guild chat or in Teamspeak unless asked to do so.

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