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New class details revealed on KTera! with other updates

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New class details revealed on KTera! with other updates

Post by Inhae on Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:01 am

This website is written in Korean. I will take time go over and translate them into English.

Basically the Brawler is going to be a DPS tank like berserker [she can hit hard as dps class while tanking]. It also has "Wrath gauge" like gunners' "Willpower" and some skills are required "Wrath"

Most of brawler's skills are making the target airborne and increase crit power when the brawler hits crit on airborne targets

ALSO the Brawler has self-revive skill as passive skill. I'm not sure how much cooldown gonna be however this passive is only working in PvE only

By how Bluehole(KTera) introduced this class, the Brawler is going to have race and gender restriction. I'm assuming that Brawler is using Heavy armors

P.S. New dungeons, Tier 8 gears, Class update, new glyphs, etc


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