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Saturday Equalized PvP Tournament [Discontinued until further notice]

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Saturday Equalized PvP Tournament [Discontinued until further notice]

Post by Magyk on Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:35 pm

When: Every Sunday at 8:00pm PDT

Where: Southern Velika Arena (north of the southern crafting area)

How it works: We all gather around the arena, and everyone pays an Entry Fee of 500 gold. Two entrants are chosen randomly, given equalized weapons, told to take off everything else, and they duel. Winner duels the next entrant, loser is out of the tournament. This goes on until there is one person left. That person is the winner of the tournament!

Reward: The total of all the entry fees!

Who can participate: Any level 65 in the guild. One character per person.

Rules: The Guild Master (or Admin in charge) will take full control of the tournament. Any duels that are started before the Guild Master (or Admin in charge) says to start do not count towards the tournament. Do not enter the arena during the tournament unless you are one of the two members dueling.

Good Luck!

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